Maître Restaurateur (Master Restorer)...

Maître restaurateur

The title of "Maître Restaurateur" is the only title issued by the state for the French cuisine.

The occupation of Chief Restaurateur is a chef with valid experience working in a kitchen with the firm commitment to create dishes from fresh raw products. It is a title awarded by an official after being controlled. This is a voluntary professional approach.

Maître Restaurateur :

A qualified professional, defined by more than 30 criteria: certified kitchen "homemade" fresh, quality of service, tableware, decoration just to name a few....

It is a title awarded by the state on the basis of an audit by an independent body. This distinction allows customers to identify institutions of excellence.

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What is the "homemade"? :

The "homemade" is a sign beside the name of a dish when the dish is made by a company from raw products.

This Title of Maître Restaurateur guarantees the entire board is homemade, the food is unprocessed and fresh across the board and of a high quality..

The title of Maître Restaurateur was issued on July 23, 2015 for Restaurant Le Floreal.

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